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The Woahman Within

Updated: Feb 6

  • Guide for Cultivating Your Divine Feminine Energy in Uncertain Times

I'm proud to announce the release of my latest audiobook, The Woahman Within! There has never been a perfect time for us women to explore our feminine energy, awaken our sensuality, creativity, incorporate mindfulness, playfulness, and to add a bit of pampering in our day-to-day life. The book lined up some recommendations that you can do to help you embrace your femininity and unleash the goddess in you. This book is dedicated to women who want to have a better outcome in life. While we live in a world of uncertainty, we should never let our emotions, other’s opinion, or experiences get so out of hand that it dictates our outcome. We should also never let our past give meaning to our present or our future. With a sound mind, a right attitude, and a great support system we can turn our mess into magic.

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