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The Butterfly Cafe Audiobook

Updated: Feb 6

I'm proud to announce the publication of my latest audiobook, The Butterfly Cafe.

Set in modern-day Tokyo, The Butterfly Café tells the story of American Jessie Yamada. When her emotionally abusive husband suddenly dies in a traffic accident, she is overcome with guilt because while making plans to leave him, she had often thought how much easier it would be for her if he were dead. Those feelings quickly shift to shock and anger after discovering her entire marriage had been built upon secrets and lies. Jessie unexpectedly inherits a dilapidated café full of cats, where with the help of old friends and quirky neighbors, she constructs a new life for herself and her daughter. But just when things finally seem to be going right, a twist of fate forces her to make a decision that will have a far-reaching impact on herself and all the people she loves.

The Butterfly Café explores issues such as friendship, family, and love. It shows how second chances at happiness can be found in unexpected ways.

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